Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Eureka Math- FREE ONLINE Resource 2 Add 2 Your Teacher Toolbox

I am constantly searching for resources to add to my Teacher Toolbox! 
 So when USEVS superintendent, Laurie Vent, shared Eureka Math, I was very excited to investigate. 

Quick Facts: 
1. Eureka Math was written by teachers and mathematicians

2. Eureka Math is the most widely used math curriculum in the United States. 

2. Eureka Math has been tested and proven to be the most successful method in the world
It’s not enough for students to know the process for solving a problem; they need to understand why that process works. Teaching mathematics as a "story," Eureka Math builds students’ knowledge logically and thoroughly to help them achieve deep understanding. While this approach is unfamiliar to those of us who grew up memorizing mathematical facts and formulas, it has been tested and proven to be the most successful method in the world.

3. Eureka Math was developed specifically to meet the new standards and is the only comprehensive curriculum fully aligned with the standards for grades K-8, according to the EdReports.org

What is Eureka Math? 
Eureka Math -is a complete, PreK through 12 online curriculum that carefully sequences the mathematical progressions 
into expertly crafted modules.  
There are 8 modules in Grade 2.

Each module contains FREE ONLINE materials!

1. Online Teacher Edition-135 Pages

If you are overwhelmed with the online Teacher Edition or the teaching instructional methods subscribe to Duane Habecker's YouTube Channel! He made Eureka Math videos for all grade levels to make math accessible to all of his students!  

Duane Habecker 

2. Classwork
 3. Templates

4. Exit Tickets
I use My Math Exit Slips, but I am very excited to use the Eureka Math Exit Tickets this upcoming year. 

5. Sprint and Fluency Practice Sheets

6. Homework
7. Mid and End of Module Assessment Tasks

Our school district adopted McGraw-Hill
 My Math . We also use Ready Mathematics to supplement our math instruction. 
  Eureka Math 
will be a great addition
 to my Teacher Toolbox! 
I encourage you to
Sign Up for FREE & investigate today!

Do you use Eureka Math? 
If so, what do you like best? 
Do you have data to share that it is working? 
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