Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Google Draw 3D/2D Christmas

Math Assignment: 
Create a Christmas drawing using 3D shapes, 
 2D shapes and 6 different colors.   
 This was our 1st time using Google Draw.

 First, I modeled how to use Google Draw! 
Then, students created the rubric below.

I always provide the rubric or set the standards for an assignment, but my principal encouraged me to have my students create their own! 
Can 2nd graders really do this?
They decided there were a total of 40 points.
 Example: To earn 10 points under the 3D column, students were to use seven or more 3D shapes. 
If a student used seven or more 3D shapes, but he/she used the same 3D shape 7 times... they would earn 9 points..... because he/she did not use a variety of 3D shapes. He/she would not earn a perfect 10. 
To earn 10 points under the 2D shape column, student were to use thirteen or more 2D shapes. If a student used the same 2D shape over and over, but he/she did have thirteen 2D shapes....he/she would earn 9 points. There are several columns with duplicate numbers because students were encouraging themselves to use a variety of shapes in their drawings. (Differentiation)

It was hard for me to give up control, but it was a rewarding experience!
Since it was the 1st time my students created a rubric, I did help organize it on the dry erase board! I was amazed by their high standards, and I loved watching them use the rubric as they completed the assignment. I overheard a student ask a friend, "Will you check my drawing to make sure I have thirteen 2D shapes?"
 Taking ownership of the assessment piece motivated my students and proved to me that 2nd graders can do it!
When the students were finished, they "shared" their assignments. They gave me "editing" rights so I inserted a photo of the rubric to assess them.  
I also added a comment. 
Tomorrow, students will view their results. If they do not agree with my score, they may use the rubric to explain evidence/reasoning by replying to my comment. 

 Merry Christmas!


  1. I love this! Were the students using Chrome books, lap tops or iPads?

    1. Oopppssss forgot that part!! Students were using chromebooks! We have a chromebook cart which holds & charges 30 chromebooks!


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