Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Bye Summer, Hello 19th Year of Teaching

Goodbye Summer- Hello 19th Year of Teaching!
1. Looked up from my phone! 
This video is AMAZING!

2. Spent time with my husband and my 4 legged children.  

3. Hung out MANY DAYS by my mom & dad's pool.                 

4. Played lots of golf and hung with friends.              

5. Met Fitbit goals! 

6. Created new TPT products (My Math Exit Slips Ch 1 -12) for my store.              
7. Bought a new Toyota RAV4!                              

8. Updated 30 iPod Touches, 5 iPad Minis, and 10 Nexus Tablets. 

9. Went to a 3 day OTES- (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) Training and I PASSED the TEST! I am now a credentialed OTES Evaluator!

10. Read 4 great books that have inspired me for this upcoming year!

 I am energized and ready for my 19th year! 

My new TEAM has already started a Google Presentation project!
Come back soon to read all about it!
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