Monday, March 3, 2014

Kid President- Pep Talk and Telling Time FREEBIE

While grading my HUGE mound of papers, I decided TEAM NEWELL needed a PEP TALK! There were several papers that needed corrections, and it was obvious that several snow days had taken a toll on doing our best! :(

These are the BEST motivational videos!

Last weekend, I went to several UPWARDS basketball games to watch my students.  They shared this video between games and I absolutely fell in love with him. I have shared these videos with my students SEVERAL times. They almost have them memorized by heart! 
Kid President mentions.... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! I want to inspire my students "THIS is MY TIME TO BE AWESOME!"
We tried to make grandfather clocks :) We are currently learning how to tell time by 5s so this PEP Talk and clock craft worked out perfectly! 
Each student was given a time written in numbers and words. He/she had to show the correct time on the analog clock and the digital clock. 

                  Click HERE for FREEBIE!
My favorite Kid President quotes:
"You here. You take up space. You matter!"
"We can all be awesome!"
"What are you teaching the world?"
"We got to make the world awesome!"

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  1. I LOVE the grandfather clocks!! Super cute. Thank you so much for the freebie :)

    The Techie Teacher


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