Sunday, March 16, 2014

Raise Reading Test Scores with Flocabulary!!!!

So excited to share a new tech resource tool that we are using in our classroom!
I had been searching for new ways to improve vocabulary instruction because our district's scores have been declining in this area. I ran into this site, signed up for a FREE TRIAL and I am now a proud owner of a 1 year license! 

Flocabulary presents academic content in a highly-engaging, contemporary format. Let the topic speak for itself, providing students with both visual and aural exposure. And videos aren’t only for introducing new topics; use them to review and provide ongoing enrichment as well.

If you have not heard of Flocabulary, I highly suggest you visit the link below to find out ALL about it!

I am most excited about the The Word Up Project. It's Common Core aligned and proven to raise scores on state reading tests! 

The Word Up Project teaches interdisciplinary Tier 2 words to boost reading skills across the curriculum. Engaging videos, exercises, games and quizzes provide a comprehensive resource for direct vocabulary instruction. Word Up is research-basedCCSS-aligned and proven to raise scores on state reading tests.

Students love the videos and printable lyrics. This is our 3rd week using Flocabulary so I am sure I will be blogging about it again soon!   

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