Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cadillac to Yugo! Good Bye Go Math! Thank You for the Great Ride!

I had a very rewarding Go Math piloting experience.
I loved Go Math for many reasons, but I liked it most because it was challenging. It was rigorous and it made me thoughtful about instruction. 
 My Math was chosen so I will be learning another new math program this summer and saying good bye to Go Math. :(
I feel like I drove a Cadillac for a year and soon will be driving a Yugo!
A principal told me, "Good teaching is good teaching, no matter what program one is using. You are a VERY good teacher!"
I highly recommend all teachers pilot a program. It was an emotional ride, but a great learning experience. Be realistic and know what the majority of the teachers in your district want.  
Time, Skill, and Technology played an important role for us. 

Things I learned from My Go Math Experience...
1. I became a better math instructor. 

2. I was challenged professionally and personally. 

3. I regained a love for 2nd grade and found a new love- teaching math :)

4. I learned how to thoroughly research 2 math programs to support an opinion.

5. I learned the best teaching practices to teach “depth” for understanding.  

6. I became familiar with how to prepare students for taking the upcoming PARCC assessments.

7. I built professional relationships and friendships with Go Math teachers & Go Math Reps.

8. My students made great gains, built confidence and loved Go Math. 

9. My students learned that not all learning is easy. It's ok to not "get it" on the first couple tries and to learn from their mistakes. 

10. My students also learned the life lesson: just because you work hard at something doesn't always mean you will get what you want!

My 26 second graders were my Go Math family. It was a tough transition coming from Saxon Math, but my students grew to love Go Math. 

 I will LOVE MY MATH soon & will be sure to blog all about it!! Thank you Go Math for the bumpy, yet thrilling ride! 


  1. Thank you to those of you who followed my Go Math Journey! I loved receiving emails and messages from you! I loved answering questions and getting advice from you too. Thank you for purchasing my Go Math items @ my TPT store also! I will miss my Go Math Cyber Family :), but I look forward to a new beginning with My Math. If you have friends who teach My Math, please send them my way! I will be observing a 2nd grade colleague in a week or two, and I will start making My Math TPT items soon!

  2. Hello! I'm very curious about your experience with My Math, however I do not see any posts on My Math on your blog. Can you please direct me to some of your posts about your experience with My Math? I *just* learned that my school purchased this program for the upcoming school year. I haven't even looked at it in any way. Their website doesn't provide a scope and sequence and I am really anxious to start mapping out my year.

    In a way I am happy that we will have a program (we had nothing this past year) but bummed because I have already been mapping out my year long plans and organizing/buying resources for my units. My administrators haven't even formally informed us yet about the purchase (I heard from a colleague and saw the boxes when I stopped by today).

    If you could please share the progression/content of the units I'd appreciate it. I want to use their scope and sequence as a guide and still use my resources.

    One more thing, according to an Edweek review ( My Math is best aligned to CCSS for grades 4th and 5th and least for Kindergarten. Where did you see it lacking for 2nd grade? What weaknesses did you feel this program had?

    THANK YOU for any input!

    1. Do you have an email that I could share my opinions? I have a very unique experience!

    2. Thank you! I'd appreciate any insight!
      Jessika.stanton (at) gmail (dot) com


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