Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meet Webster, The Dictionary Man L.2.4 Plus Apps and More

Use glossaries and beginning dictionaries, both print and digital, to determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases.
Do you use i-Ready?
i-Ready offers an adaptive diagnostic, and both teacher-led and individualized online instruction for a complete blended learning solution. It's all you need to drive student success in reading and math for grades K–12. 
This is our 1st year using iReady. 
Our district received a "Try-It Version" to use to supplement instruction.  
I use it almost every day in both Language Arts and Math.
The lessons are engaging and they expose students to technology skills needed to be successful on  upcoming PARCC assessments. 
Technology skills include keyboarding, cut and paste, drag and drop, highlighting, on-screen calculators, manipulating graphs, running simulations, changing font size and background color, knowing when to select multiple answers (square boxes) and when to select only one (circles), and a variety of other technology skills. 

I found a great lesson (Vocabulary #118) to teach how to use print and digital reference guides to determine word meanings. 
Even though it was labelled Mid Grade 6, I used it with my 2nd graders (whole group) to expose them to print vs. digital references to determine word meanings. 
Students were very proud when they took the quiz and did well 6th grade style :)! 

Students chose the correct tab to look up the word.
They also give the students the opportunity to simulate an online dictionary! My favorite! 

If you use i-Ready don't forget to take advantage of the extra lessons for whole group instruction! 
There are a million FREE dictionary/thesaurus apps available to use on iPads, iPods, and Tablets. Students enjoyed using them to complete WEBSTER below!

We also used $1.00 Dictionaries 
from the Dollar Tree!

Click HERE to get Webster Craft. 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

What Does the Fox Say?

I'm sure you know the silly song:
 "What Does the Fox Say?".... Right?
It is by Ylvis. 
Here is the You Tube video:

I was inspired to create lessons using this song because one of my students blurted, "What does the fox say?" during one of my math lessons. A few others joined in. I was annoyed at first.  I even remember rudely saying, "I don't care what the fox says right now.... I want you to care what I am saying about this regrouping problem!"
So I went home that night and decided that
I was a jerk and planned to use it to my advantage! So here is my "What Does the Fox Say?"Pack!
Here are a few pages: 
Pack is 60 pages

Fact and Opinion Sort 

Common and Proper Noun Sort 

We used 3 versions of the song on our Apple TV! 


We practiced the lyrics, learned about craft and structure and used the rhythm of the songs for our President Project called "What Does the President Say?"

Who knew a silly fox song could help 2nd graders learn about CRAFT AND STRUCTURE!

A silly fox song motivated students to develop their own multi-step 2-digit addition and 2 -digit subtraction problems!

I wrote new lyrics for our own song called, "What Does the President Say?" 
I hope you enjoy the 2 videos. 

Group 1 

Group 2

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cadillac to Yugo! Good Bye Go Math! Thank You for the Great Ride!

I had a very rewarding Go Math piloting experience.
I loved Go Math for many reasons, but I liked it most because it was challenging. It was rigorous and it made me thoughtful about instruction. 
 My Math was chosen so I will be learning another new math program this summer and saying good bye to Go Math. :(
I feel like I drove a Cadillac for a year and soon will be driving a Yugo!
A principal told me, "Good teaching is good teaching, no matter what program one is using. You are a VERY good teacher!"
I highly recommend all teachers pilot a program. It was an emotional ride, but a great learning experience. Be realistic and know what the majority of the teachers in your district want.  
Time, Skill, and Technology played an important role for us. 

Things I learned from My Go Math Experience...
1. I became a better math instructor. 

2. I was challenged professionally and personally. 

3. I regained a love for 2nd grade and found a new love- teaching math :)

4. I learned how to thoroughly research 2 math programs to support an opinion.

5. I learned the best teaching practices to teach “depth” for understanding.  

6. I became familiar with how to prepare students for taking the upcoming PARCC assessments.

7. I built professional relationships and friendships with Go Math teachers & Go Math Reps.

8. My students made great gains, built confidence and loved Go Math. 

9. My students learned that not all learning is easy. It's ok to not "get it" on the first couple tries and to learn from their mistakes. 

10. My students also learned the life lesson: just because you work hard at something doesn't always mean you will get what you want!

My 26 second graders were my Go Math family. It was a tough transition coming from Saxon Math, but my students grew to love Go Math. 

 I will LOVE MY MATH soon & will be sure to blog all about it!! Thank you Go Math for the bumpy, yet thrilling ride! 
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