Wednesday, February 5, 2014

iReady Diagnostics, iReady Apps & Freebie!

This is our 1st year giving the iReady Math & Reading Diagnostics. Our district purchased 10  instructional licenses per class (5 for math & 5 per Reading) to use for intervention or for acceleration. 

Even though we have missed many days of school due to SNOW, gains are still being made! We made goals, took the winter tests and recently celebrated our successes! The kids were so proud! Results will go home with students so they can celebrate with their parents also!
iReady Google Image
Pick Up a FREE Copy HERE!
Not all students have the opportunity to utilize the iReady instructional option so here are 2 iReady Apps to get more students involved:

These apps are recommended for grades 4-8, but they might work for those students in grade 2&3 who need a challenge! I hope they develop iReady Apps for lower grades soon. 

How long have you been using iReady? Do you feel the results are an accurate measure?
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  1. This is great. Do you have a similar page for winter to spring growth? or fall to spring?

    Click link to get all 3 versions of printable!


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