Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Common Core Study Apps for SEVERAL Subject Areas and Grade Levels and FREE Accountability Sheet

I am happy to have found these APPS!

 This is the app that we own for our class iPods!


Education Galaxy allows you to assess your students with questions built specifically to the Common Core State Standards. Education Galaxy provides a great way for students to practice and prepare for high stakes test. All content items were built by teachers through our unique online teacher community on Education Galaxy's website.

Finally an app that supports all the 2nd Grade Common Core math standards for your classroom. Have peace of mind knowing all content items were built by teachers like you and then rated by the teacher community to ensure quality. Multiple Depth of Knowledge levels are supported to challenge advanced students and to build mastery for struggling students.

Give your child the edge they need by providing extra practice and instruction at home. See exactly which topic areas your child is good at and which ones they need help in. All question items are built to the exact standards your child will test on for Common Core. 

This app is designed for 1 student. A student creates a PROFILE and a Study Plan & results are emailed - but unfortunately 3 second grade classes share the iPods so this is not an option for us so that is why I created the accountability sheets. I haven't researched if each child using the iPod can create a profile and log in each time... that would be awesome!


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