Friday, December 6, 2013

Make Ten Plus App and FREE App Activity Sheet

This is an EXCELLENT FREE app for students to use to practice MAKING TEN!
Have fun while doing math! Kids will learn and improve math skills with simple, fun and engaging play. Your goal is to Make 10 as fast and often as you can by tapping the tile that adds up to 10 before the wall of tiles reaches the top.

Knowing how to Make 10 is the key for adding bigger numbers in your head. Teachers call this mastering the Make 10 fact families.

Wee ones -- Not yet ready for adding numbers? Start with Mahjong dots and count them to Make 10. Or change the sum to a number as small as 5.

Mathletes -- Already a champ at Make 10? Change the sum or start at a faster level for a bigger challenge in finding the missing addends. How fast can you make change for a dollar? Set to Make 100. How about how many minutes until the hour? Set to Make 60.

Here is the Make 10 Plus Activity Sheet that my students use during independent iPractice time!

Click HERE for FREE download!
We have a poster maker which is nice to blow up PDFs so you can model how to use activity sheet! Roger was our GRAND CHAMPION today!

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