Monday, December 30, 2013

Learn the Continent and Ocean App and Free Accountability Activity Sheets

A fun way to learn the names and locations of the continents and oceans. Three modes to choose from: 
• Learn Mode allows you to tap and highlight each area to see its name. 
• Game Mode pits you against the clock to see how many continents and oceans you can identify in one minute. Earn bonus points for each second left on the clock. 
• Test Mode quizzes you by asking you to identify each area without the pressure of a clock, and scores you based on the total number of attempts. 
Engaging and fun application designed by a classroom teacher. Leader board keeps track of high scores. Game Mode can be addictive, allowing you to unwittingly learn all of the continents and oceans in no time at all.



  1. Wow! I love this idea! My students are learning about the continents and oceans in social studies. I wish I had a device that my students could use to access this app!

    Techie Turtle Teacher Blog

  2. Do you have an iPhone? If you could get your hands on just 1 iPad that would be nice!!!! We have a class set of iPods because they are cheaper than iPads! If you could write a grant for 1 iPad and an Apple TV- you would be all set! They whole class could see it and do together!


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