Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2 Digit Regrouping App, Screenshot Accountability and FREE Activity Sheets


Learn Addition and Subtraction with regrouping the natural way.

* Solve the regrouping problem as you would with a pen and paper. Do carryovers and borrows by writing them over the problem with your finger. 

* Two and three digit questions presented.

* You can set the number of questions and the time to solve the questions in the setting area.

* Be ahead of the curve with this simple yet powerful learning app.

This app is a must on our 30 iPods
 and 5 iPad Minis!
Here are 20 of them :)

iPod Cart

Each iPod and iPad Mini is restored and cloned to BE THE EXACT SAME! They ALL have the same email account (gmail) which students use to email results of daily iPractice tasks. Students only send email. They do NOT check email.

Students take a screenshot of report card after completing 1 round using the 2 Digit Regrouping App by pressing the HOME BUTTON and the POWER BUTTON at the same time! Students find photo in album and share by emailing. When they type "Mi" after the To:- it automatically shows my email to choose so students do NOT have to type my address each time or enter a password!
Students must add name to the SUBJECT line of the email or I will NOT know whose results that I am receiving. We have 3 classes who share the iPods so names are a MUST!

This is a screenshot of the emails that I received from my students on my MacBook Pro! You might want to set up a separate email account just for iPractice results. 
You can see above that 1 student forgot to type name! Ugh! The screenshot report cards give  great information about my students. 
This report card shows that this student RUSHED and did NOT do her best! BUSTED!

This report card shows that this student did NOT rush but needs intervention! 7 minutes and 40 seconds to answer 10 questions is excessive!

This photo show this student might have rushed and can definitely do better. 

This photo shows this student did ok and might need more practice. 

This photo shows this student took his time and might have made a silly mistake. 

This photo shows this student took her time, but needs intervention. 

This photo shows this student did his best. He did not rush and did not go too slow!

This photo shows this student can do well quickly and understands 2 digit addition.

Another way to make my students accountable for their own learning is completing the activity sheet and analyzing their performance. 
Option 1


Option 2


Option 3



Click HERE to get your FREE Activity Pack!

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