Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Community Support and Class Dojo

I am excited to share what's new for Team Newell in 2014! 

According to the Public Education Department, Family Parent Memo, April 2008, Community partners are valuable players in the development of children. They have a wide range of skills and knowledge and, just like families, bring resources to successfully educate all students and they also have resources to share with communities. The most effective schools find resources by looking in their own backyards- their own communities.

I recently received a school mini grant to enhance the 3 year relationship with our classroom community partner- The First Citizens National Bank. Each Friday, a bank employee visits our classroom to read and to practice money skills. I spend my own money on materials and supplies to use for this partnership that align to the Common Core State Standards and to help raise academic achievement. For this grant, I requested problem-solving money games that will help enrich, engage, and impact student learning! I was very excited to receive the grant funds!!!!!

Watching my students build relationships with the bank employees is very rewarding. Students put forth great effort and take pride in their work because they feel they matter to someone important. The employees share their wide range of skills and knowledge of money. They make great role models for my students. The collaboration has not only motivated my students to read and to count money, but it has also increased student learning in these areas. The collaboration certainly extends learning beyond the classroom walls. 

Our Spooktacular October Bank Visit

In May, my students visit the bank each year for a walking field trip. Students are very excited to tour the bank and to visit the employees who become family. I hope the relationships that have been formed throughout each school year remain strong for years. I dream that one of my students will work for The First Citizens National Bank and will visit my classroom to promote the love of reading and to strength money skills.

Other Sources of Funding: 
The First Citizens National Bank has graciously matched the funds for my school mini grant request to purchase books for all students who earn a total amount of points specified at the beginning of the year that will be tallied using an online behavior management system called Class Dojo. Students will receive books by visiting the bank and redeeming their points. 
Book Sets were funded by FCNB!

Labels were provided by FCNB to go inside all the books. 

Union Elementary has 59.7% of its students who receive Free and Reduced Lunch. Families do not have the funds to purchase extra items such as books so I am thankful for The First Citizens National Bank for giving my students the opportunity to earn books and to promote a long-lasting effect on the students who will be the residents of our community. This is going to be a good year!

Happy New Year Apps and FREE Activity

Happy New Year! 
2013 was a great year!



Loving using Photo Effect in the Classroom! 
We will use this app the 1st day we get back from Christmas Break. 

Time for New Year Party is near! 

Take impressive New Year photos by adding tons of New Year items to the photos. Choose the frame, wear a New Year hat and make meaningful greeting with New Year special fonts then share with your family, your friends. 

Let's do it now! 

- Capture photos or select one from your album. 
- Choose a New Year frame/template. 
- Choose New Year items from 6 category and place them anywhere you like. Free moving, scale & transform them. 
- Add greeting text with special New Year fonts. There're also dozen of greeting text already for you to choose from.
- Apply effect to your photo 
- Share your Christmas photos directly and instantly on Facebook or send them via email. 

Even though this is a year old- it's still great to use for Photo Effects!
New Year's Photo Effects adds photos and New Year’s artwork to your photograph projects. Artwork categories include clocks, fireworks, party, signs, and more.

* Works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
* Add your library photos and image art to your photo projects
* Resize, rotate, and position images anywhere on your photos
* Resize, rotate, and position your photos
* Add multiple photos and images to a single project
* Illustrated and photo realistic images included
* Fast and easy image palette
* Undo and redo
* Opacity and snap tools
* Save your photo creation to your library
* Saves multiple sessions so you can work on your project at your own pace.
* Share with your network of friends
* See a larger sample of the included artwork on our website.

We will attach New Year Photo to these NewYear Sheets!


Spelling Test App and FREE Accountability Activity Sheets

Great App to practice spelling words!

NOTE: This is the *FREE* version of My Spelling Test. Most of the functionality from the full version has been included so you can evaluate this educational app.

Do you want your child to be a better speller? Imagine your kids begging you to practice for their next spelling test. This app is like creating your own spelling bee and is a great way to save time on homework. This app has been proven to improve student's spelling tests scores or spelling grades.
* Practice the same words you get in homework. It's like creating your own spelling bee. With My Spelling Test, you create the test and decide which words to add.
* Create A Test
- Choose the name for your test
- Then add words to the test.
- For each word, you type the word and record yourself saying the word.

* Take A Test
- Listen to the word you need to spell
- Spell the word in the input box.
- See instantly if you spelled the word correctly before going to the next word.

* See Scores
- Each time you take a test, you will know which words you got right and which ones you got wrong.
- You can see your child's improvement with each test.
- Even if you don't watch your child take the test, you can see which words he or she got wrong afterwards.

* Email Results
- You can even email the results after taking a test if you want to share it with teachers or your parents.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Learn the US States App and FREE Accountability Activity Sheets


A fun way to learn the names and locations of all 50 states.
Two modes to choose from in the Lite Version:

• Learn Mode allows you to tap and highlight each state to see its name. Launch the information panel to view additional facts about each state, including: capital city, nickname, tree and more. 

• Game Mode pits you against the clock to see how many states you can identify in one minute. Earn bonus points for any time remaining on the clock. Leader board keeps track of high scores.

Engaging and fun application designed by a classroom teacher. Game Mode can be addictive, allowing you to unwittingly learn all 50 states in just a few hours.

Try it for free and then upgrade to the full version for additional features including:
➤ Capital cities 
➤ Spoken pronunciation of each state and capital
➤ Test mode to mimic a classroom quiz, including spelling
➤ Settings screen to limit Game and Test modes to specific states
➤ Easy mode for young learners

My students are ONLY in grade 2 so they do not need to know STATES and CAPITALS! They need to know which STATE they live!


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