Monday, November 18, 2013

iPad Turkey Disguise & Common Core Mapping Activity

FIRST: Help disguise the turkey using this FUN app so it will not be THANKSGIVING DINNER! 

Thanksgiving will be here soon! All the turkeys in “Birdland” are getting worried that they will be caught and served for Thanksgiving dinner. Be a friend to fowl and help save a turkey from this awful fate. Disguise your turkey so that it will live to see another year! 

Here are a few our iPad disguises!

NEXT: Share your turkey! 
You can save/share your disguises in many ways!
Save to Gallery
Share via Facebook
Share via Twitter
Share via Email
I had my students email the photos to me to print!

THEN:  Write about your turkey disguise!
iPad Clip Art:
Click link for iPad FREEBIE!


AFTER THAT: Create a map. Give it to the hunter who is looking for the turkey! They will follow the directions on the map but find a new Thanksgiving meal instead!  

Thank you first grade fanatics for the awesome Map Pack! 
It makes my life so much easier! Students will be using this to create their maps!

 LAST: Put it all together! 


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