Monday, November 11, 2013

Break Apart Thanksgiving Dinner and Explain Everything Video Lesson 4.1

  I have been teaching 2nd grade for 18 years. For 15 years our district has used Saxon Math. When we first purchased Saxon Math, our district’s math scores increased, but they have been slowing declining over the last few years. I am piloting Go Math this year and there is NO surprise that my students are having a hard time breaking apart numbers. Saxon Math met our district’s needs at the beginning of my career, but it does not provide the best practices for teaching Common Core. So far, Go Math  is harder for both my students and I but it has given me great support in teaching the Common Core!

I made this pack as an intervention center to help the students who are still struggling with breaking apart numbers. This is an important strategy that needs to be understood because it is used to teach 2 digit addition and subtraction!


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