Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Moustache/Mustache Go Math FREEBIE!

I am piloting Go Math this year. I absolutely love it! I am amazed what connections students are making! 
Since we were talking about VERBS this week- we discussed why we see the word "mustache" everywhere and what it means on our t-shirts etc! (Play on Words/Puns)
I mustache you for one of these- I "Must Ask" you for one of these.  
I mustache (must ask) you a question!
"I mustache you a question" is a joke! It's supposed to sound similar to "I must ask you question"
Students came up with a variety of silly ways to use the word mustache as ANY verb but not for a pun or play on words. 
Students made mustache mean what they wanted which is missing the entire point of puns and play on words :) but they were using it to replace a verb and that made me happy that they knew which word was the verb and they were replacing the verb with mustache- so I just went with it! :)
One of our Team Newell students had surgery and was gone for a few days. The kids couldn't wait to say "We mustache you!" as
"We missed you!"
That's why we used the goofy mustache with Go Math. 
We moustache/mustache
Number and Operations in Base Ten
which means:
We "must ask" you about Number and Operations in Base Ten
We "understand" Number and Operations in Base Ten!
I will work on puns and play on words again later! Maybe they will catch on :)
So watch out if you see mustache used in funky ways! It's just TEAM NEWELL being silly!


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