Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ohio Teachers and New Diagnostic Measures

Common Core Designed Assessments
If you teach in OHIO, you already know there are NEW Diagnostic Measures- Common Core Editions. If you haven't seen them, you will want to stop by ODE to get your copy ASAP!
TEACHING to a test is against everything that I believe, but in reality they are another tool that will help guide my instruction! 
We will be giving the Full Writing Diagnostic this SPRING!
I have already changed a few of my Teacher Pay Teacher Packets and Units. 
I am piloting Go Math this year! After looking at the new Common Core Math Diagnostic, I am confident my students will do well on it even though we are NOT giving it this year!
We are using iReady to provide our assessment results in Reading and Math this year. 
I am very PLEASED with GO MATH!
In conclusion:
The New Ohio Diagnostics are very doable!

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