Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Class Dojo is For Team Newell!

I have used many different discipline/behavior management plans over my 18 years of teaching. This is my 1st year using Class Dojo and I love it!
My students think it's really cool too!
I have a laptop set up "just" for Class Dojo. I changed the settings so it "NEVER" goes to sleep during the day so students can check their points at anytime during the day.
I switched from the behavior clip system above  because I did not like spending time coloring a behavior calendar at the end of each day. 
A few students colored the wrong color- on accident (which was NO accident) and some students left them at home the next day. I felt like the clip system added more responsibility to my day because I had to check that all students colored the correct color and I even recorded the colors on my own chart. The entire purpose of the log was for the students to be responsible for their own behavior and to color the correct color. 
I wanted some thing that parents could check in  "REAL" time. I wanted some thing that would provide data reports and do the logging so students could not change or cheat. 
I tried the ibehavewell app from the iTunes store. I liked it, but it was only good to use for a few students to correct unwanted behaviors. It was not made to use with the entire class. 
That's when I came across CLASS DOJO!
I got everything that I wanted in Class DOJO and much more! 
Here are the customized positive behaviors for Team Newell.

Here are the customized negative behaviors for Team Newell. 

This is our class behavior data so far this year! We have only been in school since late August!

MANY parents are logged in!
For the parents without internet access, I print out a monthly report. If there is a behavior problem, I send home a weekly report. 

Here is a students who needs help on many items, but it still being rewarded for positive behaviors. Class Dojo helps focus on the behaviors you want rather than focusing on the behaviors to correct!
It's amazing how the negative behavior "noise" corrects behavior without even saying a word! 
I love the data reports. It was great to have at my first parent meeting. Behavior reports will be shown at parent teacher conferences but there should be NO surprises because they should already be aware of how their children are doing because they can log in each day etc. 
This is the total amount of points at the end of September. 
I chose to reset the points each morning so students could see how many points they earned each day. I took a screen shot, printed it out each morning and hung it on the door so they could visually see the points. I did not want to take time logging points in student journals or logs.
 The down fall of daily points was that I had to add all the points at the end of the month from viewing all the screen shots. It was time consuming! I subtracted the number of negative points to get the total. I have decided to switch from clearing the points daily to clearing them monthly. I am not too sure which I will like best.

HERE are our Class DOJO Rewards!

Students were given a 4 paged packet to keep in a DOJO folder at desk. They looked at the rewards carefully to make a decision about how they wanted to exchange their points.  

I might have to raise points -the next few months!

Students used calculators to help them subtract Dojo Points to find out how many they have left. Pretty soon- they will be able to do on their own!!!!! Each student wrote a sentence to explain how they decided to use their Class Dojo points. It was interesting to see how many of them saved them for next month!

Behavior reports, parent support, and great behavior at school= HAPPY MRS. NEWELL!
Click HERE for Class Dojo Pack

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