Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Data Binder and Goal Setting

Students make GOALS for our Weekly Assessments: 
(Reading Test, Spelling Test, and Math Test)
Our paper passing party is EVERY Monday! We pass out papers, celebrate when we achieve goals and we discuss what we can do better the next time to achieve goals. 
We record the assessment data on the data sheet above and then we graph the results using 3 different types of graphs. Students take the data binders home to share with parents. Parents make comments in the binders and return them to school the next day. I love reading the parent comments. Students are so proud to share them with the class!

Students look through ASSESSMENTS before we take them. They make a goal before they start the test and trace it with crayon. It helps motivate a few and helps others focus while taking the test. The goal sheet is the cover sheet on the assessment. This helps when we pass the assessments back. Students can see what goal they made and if they achieved it quickly. Next week, I will see if they can tell me if they met their goal on their own. I have been doing it for them to model it for a few weeks!
We practice Line Graphs when we record Math Data. 

We practice Bar Graphs when we record our Reading Data!

We practice Pictographs when we record Spelling Data. 
If you are interested in our data binder, you can purchase it here:
This pack is used for student binders. Students make goals, graph results, and reflect data.
2 Parent Letters = 1 Sample & 1 Template. 

2 Parent Signature Tables= 1 Sample & 1 Template.

6 Tabs
(Math, Spelling, Reading, Writing, iReady, Class Dojo)

6 Data Recording Forms

3 Graph Templates 
(Pictograph, Line Graph,, Bar Graph)

3 Sample Graphs
(Pictograph, Line Graph, Bar Graph)

2 Sample Line Plots & 2 Line Plot Templates

30 Binder Covers

1 Binder Back Cover

1 Credit Page

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