Monday, September 30, 2013

Bucket Friend Song Student Version

Student singing BUCKET FRIEND Song! 
For those of you who purchased my Bucket Friend Pack! Here is the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD of a student version of the Bucket Friend song! Now you don't have to hear ME now! Ms. Pitchy!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Technology Time and Google Chromebooks

Team Newell uses Google Chromebooks everyday from 11:10-12:00 for differentiated instruction and practice!  
Here are the websites that students are using on the Chromebooks:
Raz Kids- Reading @ own level
iReady - Intervention Lessons from Diagnostic Results
Think Central- Math Individual instruction and practice
QwertyTown- Keyboarding instruction
Google Drive- Students work on word documents and presentations.

We have a Chromebook Cart that we share on my floor. Here is the spreadsheet that we used to sign up for the cart. There are 30 Chromebooks in a cart. 

Reading Street Weekly Test- Exploring Space

This test goes with the other Reading Street Tests that I am changing up this year! I wanted to add more explanation/application type of questions. 

Click HERE for Test!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

QwertyTown- Keyboarding Fluency

Keyboarding is an essential component of literacy for today's students.
QwertyTown is a modern web app. It provides a safe, teacher-controlled environment where students can communicate with their classmates, teachers, and friends. While becoming fluent with a keyboard, students are learning how to interact in a digital environment. This environment prepares them with a fundamental skill set essential for academic and professional success in the 21st century. 

Our technology director recently purchased Qwerty Town for our district! Students practice on Google Chrome books at school and they also can practice at home!

QwertyTown's goal is to help students develop keyboarding fluency and online communication skills. With engaging activities, authentic online communication tools, and the ability to differentiate speed and accuracy goals for students, the educators behind QwertyTown created the most effective keyboarding program on the market.

Students get to customize their own avatar for Qwerty Town. Here is mine! I love dogs!
The Qwerty Coins are used to purchase items. I am so glad that you are given Qwerty Coins to start the program and then you continue to earn them as you complete the lessons. 
I can see how my students are doing:

This student is having trouble with lesson 2. 
Where was this when I was in school????? Oh yeah- we used typewriters! I would have loved to learn how to type using this program! 
I recommend you ask your tech director ASAP about purchasing Qwerty Town!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Reading Street Weekly Test- Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends and Year Change Up

Second Graders are REACHING Reading Assessment goals!

Students are learning how to support their answers!
I was so tired after school and a bit overwhelmed, but I couldn't wait to see how they did on their weekly test so I graded them! This little guy made my Friday night! He cheered me up and put the BIGGEST smile on my face. I am so proud of him! I could read his handwriting and he supported his answer! Way to go buddy!!

This one cracked me up! I love her CAUSE! When I made the assessment I assumed all students would say some thing on the lines of sea sick. She could have had too much pop :) The bubbles remind me of pop too! LOVE IT!

I have decided to move my stories around this year. Here are my notes. I will add questions to each weekly test that review the skills from the previous weeks. So for our 4th week- there will be author's purpose, cause and effect, character and setting, nouns, sentences etc. even though the skill is main idea. 

Download your FREE Tara and Tiree Weekly Assessment HERE

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