Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Second Graders use Mother's Day Card Creator & InstaCollage on class iPod Touches to create personalized Mother's Day Gifts.

A note was sent home earlier this week to borrow a picture of Mom, Grandma/pa, Dad, Foster Mom, Guardian, Loved One to use for this project. If students were unable to bring pictures, they just drew a picture instead! 
The color printer was out of ink so I 
took the photos to Walmart to be developed.
Unfortunately, some did not print correctly so we then printed them in black and white on our laser printer.  Luckily, by 1:30 the colored printer was up and running so this year's mothers will receive personalized cards in several ways- photo, black and white, colored printer and Facebook/email! We love our MOMS!

I made cards for my MOM to model how to use both apps using my iPad on our Apple TV. Students then used our 30 iPod Touches to create cards. 

Perhaps you are the mom. Explain how Mother's Day began to your child or children in a fun way with iReading HD - Origin of Mother's Day. This iPad app comes in the form of an audio book, making it enjoyable and memorable to spend time learning how we came to celebrate this holiday. The app has some other very good features such as a painting workshop, puzzle games, and more to entertain your children while you are both learning.

Mom Portraits

Happy Mother's Day!

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