Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Google SketchUp 3D Creation Class

My Tech Assistant Jean Fox and I!
We are also assistances for the Archery class. 
We are both certified Archery Instructors. 

I am teaching my 1st 3D Computer Creation Class using Google SketchUp. I will be teaching an hour class each Saturday during the month of April @ Union Elementary
Our computer lab has 24 iMacs. 
I have 20 students in my class.  
Grades K-3.
Class Description:
Do your children love computers? Let second grade teacher Mindy Newell help them explore with Google SketchUp. She will guide them through this engaging software, teaching them the basics of 3D interaction. This amazing class will introduce them to the same principles used by architects, engineers, and artists. By the end of the 4 classes, students will have made a 3D creation to share. Gr. K-3.
What is REACH?

Jan Stoneburner (MY MOM), retired English/Speech/Oral Communications teacher and  Sheryl Grafmiller, (my retired kindergarten teacher) teamed together to provide our community with an Enrichment Education Program called REACH. 
(Recognizing & Enriching All CHildren)
It is sponsored by LIFE- 3 Lutheran Churches in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. I am a member of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church
  There are 231 students and several different classes such as Guitar, Woodworking, Archery, Jewelry Making, Drums, Crazy Science, Sign Language, Painting, MindBenders, Pottery, 3D Creations, Photography, Let's Move, Zumba, Stamping, Cooking, Cupcakes, Fingerweaving.
 Saturday # 1: 
Students made name posters using Photo Booth, they learned how to use Google Sketch Up tools, and they learned how to navigate in Google Sketch Up.
Saturday #2, students applied skills learned to make a 3D dog house! They learned how to import images from the 3D Warehouse. 
Saturday #3, students will design a dream bedroom.
Saturday #4, students will create their own master pieces!

For more information about Google Sketch Up, click the links below!

Visit back soon for student creations! 
Coming Soon!


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