Monday, February 11, 2013

Screenshots on iPod Touches or iPads

My students take screenshots of game results or creations on our iPod Touches or iPad Minis to email me the "proof". They used to write their scores on post it notes, but I quickly found out they fibbed! Taking screenshots has helped students to become accountable for learning while working independently during work stations. I can forward screenshot emails to parents or use the screenshot photos for "data" for intervention or for RIMP plans. 

I ASSUMED everyone knew how to take a screenshot, but I found out today there are a few of my teacher friends who do not know how! For those of you who already know- skip this blog post! For those of you who don't- it's simple and you will love it! 

All you do is "click" the power button and home button as the exact same time. It takes a picture (screenshot) of whatever is on the screen of your iPod or iPad. It then saves it in the Photo Album. 

We have 1 Gmail account for ALL iPod Touches and iPad Minis. It is the same account and email address. Students do not need to know the address or password. They simply click the screenshot photo in the photo album and chose the mail icon. When they start to type my name, it automatically pops up. Make sure your students put their names in the subject line so you know whose results you are getting! I receive MANY emails per day. It's great Quick- simple DATA!
See iPod and iPad management or iPod & iPad Activity Sheets label for more  information! 


  1. I LOVE this idea! I am going to try it out next week :) Do your kids have their own email or do they just send it on the email that is set up on the iPods and iPads?
    The Techie Teacher

    1. I have just one email account ( on the iPods and iPads so they don't have to log in etc.

  2. Mindy, if I could just get you to stand right next to me as I roll out my ipads I'd be all set! Just for clarification, you give out the ipod and ipad activity sheets on paper to each student for each app assignment,right? You don't send these to them via email,do you? Thanks! Margie

    1. I wish I could stand right next to you! That would be FUN :) I print the iPod/iPad sheets out on the copy machine and put them in a folder. Students get a copy when it is their turn on iPod/iPad. They are responsible for keeping it if they do not get finished before I ding my bell during Daily 5 :) I make extra copies because someone always loses their copy! I usually introduce 1 or 2 apps per week.


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