Saturday, February 16, 2013

Help Wanted- Common Core Report Cards

I will be attending a grade level meeting to discuss Common Core Report Cards. 

We will be given samples of Common Core report cards to view and to discuss. I have found several online on my own, but I would like to find out from my online friends what you have done or are doing to make the transition to Common Core report cards! 
Do you currently have a Common Core format report card? Do you have samples that I could download or that you could send to me through email?
How do you like them? 
How did you prepare your parents for the change?
How long does it take to complete the report card?
Do you use a point system 4, 3, 2, 1?
Do you use letter grades?  
How did you choose which standards to include on the report card?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave any advice, comments, or suggestions! I would greatly appreciate hearing your experiences with Common Core Report Cards! 


  1. We aren't that far along with converting to common core. I think it will be a long process and will need lots of tweeking along the way. Add to that, we'll need time to educated parents on what they're seeing and what it means on progress reports. So much to do!

    1. Hmm.... this comment sounds like it came from someone I know from my local school district? I could be wrong so if I am wrong, we are not that far along either. We have lots of work to do! Definitely don't think we are ready to make any big switches. I do think it might be a great idea to include a brochure type info sheet with the report card like I found at the website:


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