Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Type and the Common Core

Just Type App
We used the Just Type App to publish (Common Core Standard W.2.6) our 1st Opinion Writing piece. 
(Common Core Standard W.2.1) 
We have a LONG way to go with Opinion Writing and typing correctly, but I was very proud of them for trying very hard and doing their best. Students loved using our class iPods to 
There are several options to print and to email the finished product, but I had the students take a "screenshot" and email it to me. I tried a few different options, but that was the easiest way for me to download and print quickly. I do not have a printer that allows to print from an iPod or iPad! 
This is a screenshot that was emailed to me. 

I changed the print job settings from 100% to 180%.

Thank you 
 for your craft idea!

We used Duct Tape for George Washington Carver's bow tie. I own a million different kinds :)

Click HERE for George Washington Carver Reading and Writing Pack.
Click HERE for George Washington Carver Math Pack.  

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