Thursday, January 3, 2013


There are MANY story & book creator apps that students can use to meet the Common Core Writing Standards- but here are a few of my favorites. Each has it's own pros and cons depending on the goal in mind & the equipment that you have! My PROS and MY CONS might be WAY different than yours!

PRO: Free & Easy to use
CON: Just purchased over Christmas Break. Trying it soon! Hopefully there are now!
The Book Creator App is on our 30 iPods. This is the only FREE Book Creator App that I have found that works well on iPods & is "2 the point". 

Anyone can Write! Express Books gives you the tools you need to Create great Text, Art, Sound & Graphics! Set your Layout page by page to perfect your Book, then Publish! Right now! Today! Share your Book with the World instantly via PDF, iBooks, .mov file to Photo Library!

PRO: Free & easy to use.
CON: You can't share, print, email or save book. 
You could take a screen shot of each page and email and then print :) iPad ONLY!

With Super Duper StoryMaker, you can create all the picture and photo stories you want and tell them over and over — plus, you can make your own photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books, etc. Educators and parents will love StoryMaker because it helps children practice learning skills, such as reading, sequencing, vocabulary and sentence building, following directions, grammar, storytelling and retelling, interacting with others, and more. 

Note: You are unable to save, print, or email your stories with StoryMaker FREE. To keep everything you create and let friends and family see what you have made, upgrade to StoryMaker. 

Story Maker
CON: MANY FEATURES- Students can spend hours creating characters, backgrounds, etc- You might think I am crazy for thinking this is a CON but we only have so much time to write etc. This would be a great app for creative writing at HOME! You could spend hours on it!

Make Your Own Story from New Avatar App! Make Creative Story!

My Story - Book Maker for Kids

PRO: Easy to use & Record Voice
CON:iPad only- I don't have enough iPads. I have 30 iPods- one for each student. 

Celebrate your child’s art with My Story, the simplest story maker and book creator in the App Store. My Story combines drawing, photos, voice, and text to promote literacy and creativity for you and your child together. They then share their book within the app, via email, or directly to iBooks. Your child’s art, coloring, photos, and voice recordings are saved forever!

 Pictello - 
PRO- Many features & very Professional!
CON- VERY Expensive :(

Pictello is a simple way to create talking photo albums and talking books. Each page in a Pictello Story can contain a picture, up to five lines of text, and a recorded sound or text-to-speech using high-quality voices. Stories can be shared using iTunes File Sharing or via WiFi with other Pictello users through a free account on the Pictello Sharing Server. Stories can be shared with non-Pictello users as PDF files through email or iTunes File Sharing.

Book Creator for iPad

PRO: Professional Looking Books & Easy to use
CON: $4.99 , iPad only

PRO: Many features
CON: I was so excited when I purchased this app because it was available for both iPod and iPad. It had everything that I wanted in 1 APP! It was a dream on paper! Then when my students started using it- it crashed often and it would not email or do the features that I bought it for :(. I never got it to work appropriately and I gave up. It has many great reviews so maybe the problems are fixed and you will have luck. If you do- let me know! Maybe I will give it a try again! 

Anyone can Write! Writer's Studio gives you the tools you need to Create great Text, Art & Graphics! Set your Layout page by page to perfect your Book, then Publish! Now! Today! Share your Book with the World instantly! Save to iBooks, post to YouTube, Email .mov file or PDF, even Save to Photo Gallery, or Play to Apple TV via AirPlay!

Hopefully you find an app that meets your needs and your students start CREATING! Good luck!

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