Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2nd Graders honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- iMovie with GreenScreen

I am a proud teacher who is lucky that parents let me share! 2nd graders are inspired to DREAM BIG by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Let's hope for change to make the world a better place!
3 minutes
Visit You Tube to watch our video!

You Tube video was made using FlipCam and iMovie with green screen effect. See previous post
about ways to integrate technology to enrich or to engage your students while honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. 


  1. Your video is absolutely priceless!! Hmmm I'm wondering if I can squeeze making an MLK video into my schedule this week :D I'm so glad your parents let you share the video! I loved it!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Glad u liked it. I love these kids so much that I am pretty bias so it could be rather goofy- but it made me smile! Thank goodness I did it Tuesday! We had 3 school delays due to windchill this week! No school Monday and 3 delays! I could handle going to school half days :)

    1. We had MLK off and two delays... plus grade card week and benchmark week... so no video for us this year! Hopefully next year :)


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