Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Because!

I now know what I have been missing to keep my students' attention!
Each day, I am a counselor, a nurse, a lawyer, an accountant, a personal assistant, an actress, an artist, a coach, a technology coordinator, a referee, a judge, a librarian, a reporter, a secretary, a care-giver, a rock-star, a role model, a weatherman, a police officer, a custodian, a psychic, a politician, a party planner, a decorator, a detective, a dietitian, a preacher, a banker, a photographer, etc BUT I have never been a CONSTRUCTION WORKER! That's it :)

They chose to stand still during their recess to listen to a step by step explanation of what they were doing while the worker ate his Subway sandwich! 
You gotta love a small town!

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