Saturday, December 15, 2012

Junie B. Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (P.S. So Does May)

LAST WEEK before Christmas Break!
Junie B. Reading: 
We need a break from Reading Street!
My students have a copy, but I also have it on my iPad (NOOK App) to project on our Apple TV. I will also use our Smart Document Camera while reading this chapter book and reviewing skills for our visual learners!

Purpose: A chapter book to discuss and to learn the concept: Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men'
Strategy to be Used: Inductive Learning
Skills to be Used: Predicting, Listening, Researching, Reading, Applying
Tools to be Used: Survey and Priority Pyramid

Lesson "Hook"- Give students Candy Cone Cola.
Why do you think I gave you a can of Candy Cane Cola? Look at the can carefully!
Students make predictions. Connect to letter that I sent home last week. 
 Students will start to understand why I had the cans on my desk for a week and be ready to put key words in groups! This will all make sense by FRIDAY! Come back to see Synthesis Activity!
Key Words to sort into groups. We discussed meanings first and then students worked in pairs to create groups & labels. 

 We shared and discussed groups & labels.

These are the predictions that my students came up with about what might happen or what type of story we would be reading this week. I only recorded key words/ideas. There were many great predictions. They were very excited when I finally showed them the chapter book! 

We will read 2 or 3 chapters per day and complete my comprehension packet each day. 

Here is my comprehension packet for the entire book. Chapters 1-11. The questions are similar to the questions that students would see on our Ohio Third Grade Achievement Test. 
There are short answers and multiple choice. 
I am using this week to review a variety of skills from 2012.
Cause & Effect
Verbs & Verb Tense
Short and Long Vowels
Bucket Filling/Bucket Dipping
Dictionary Skills
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Character Traits
Author's Purpose
HERE are a few pictures of the packet. 

Junie B. Math:
We will also take a break from Saxon Math!
 Junie B. Math Problem Solving!

Junie B. Cursive:

Help Junie B. with cursive! These sheets are to show what NOT to do and to practice the letters correctly! Hopefully correcting Junie B.'s mistakes will help correct the mistakes that I have been seeing in our room! 
We will discuss what is wrong with each letter and try hard not to make the same mistakes. 

I will add more letters soon!

Junie B. Social Studies:
Christmas Traditions Around the World

Junie B. Science:
This week, we learned about Sound. Check out our Christmas Carol with Boom Whackers! 

My mom bought my students their very own Junie B. Jones Squeez-A-Burp! Ha!Ha! 
Click HERE to download Comprehension Packet. 
Click HERE to download Math Packet. 
Click HERE to download Cursive Packet. 

These students donated $ to give to St. Jude! Thank you!

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  1. This looks like a really fun week! Thanks for all your hard work and willingness to share with others. ~Janine


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