Sunday, December 30, 2012

FREE App Find- Measure Length-Tiny Chicken

After 2 SOLID days of searching for new apps for 30 iPod Touches- 
I was happy to find this FREE Measuring App. 

Students manipulate a ruler to measure animals.


★ The Most Fun App to Teach Children the Fundamentals of Length Measurement ★
★ This app is now free for a limited period of time! ★

The Measure Length App is one of the most visually rich and fun app available in the App Store which teaches children the basic concepts of length measurement.

The app includes more than seven animals which walk onto the screen and need to be measured with the help of a translucent ruler. The child then needs to select one of the options specified which corresponds to the correct length of the animal.

Getting fifteen measurements right will end the game.
Front of Sheet

Back of Sheet

I have students email me their results to hold them accountable during Daily 5 while they work alone on the iPod Touches. 
Click HERE to download FREE Direction Sheet.


  1. There are very few measurement apps for K-2 students! I am always searching and searching!


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