Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SMILE- "Just Because"

After Chapter Book READ ALOUD, one of my students was ALL smiles. I figured she was just  laughing at me because I was extra goofy while reading, but that wasn't it. It was because she was very excited to give me a picture & a hug. Look- she even noticed my bracelets! The picture, the hug and the "I love you Mrs. Newell!" whisper made my day.

These posters say it ALL:
Lately, I have been overwhelmed with DRAs, Quarterly Assessments, Diagnostics, Screeners, Common Core, RIMP Reports, Tracking Student Growth, Professional Development and much more! 
Had an "AHA" moment today-

I love my job and need to remind myself that
So if you are ever overwhelmed, feel like you are trying to stay a float, and your students are not listening to you-know that "some" little people are "watching" your every move and think you are great :)
I wanted to share- "Just Because!"


  1. Such a cute story! Students really have a magical way of melting your heart! I have a file filled with these types of pictures or cards that are especially helpful during those "tough teacher days" and I love all of the little quotes! Thanks for sharing- just because!

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  2. How cute!! That picture looks just like you. What a sweet heart.
    The Hive

  3. Thanks Mindy, I needed the reminder tonight! Lately I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water, and wondering if it is all worth it. Then tonight I had a parent from V's class tell me what a great teacher I was to her boys. I guess I can go back tomorrow. What a sweet picture btw! :)

  4. Love the "V" story Lindsey! Now I know exactly who this is! Have a a super "hump" day today! Wednesdays are not my favorite- I have double recess duty :)

  5. What a great message Mindy! We just finished DRAs, a new standards-based report card (each student gets 70 grades!) and parent-teacher conferences. I know exactly how you feel! I love your blog -- you're re-energizing me!

  6. Oh my goodness Julie! 70 grades per student! WOW! I hope my district doesn't catch onto that until I retire! Which is many more years :)


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