Thursday, November 29, 2012

Math Quarterly Assessment Practice

Do you give Math Quarterly Assessments?
This is our 1st year!
We teach Math using Saxon Math. I have found that my students struggle to "think" or to know "what to do" when concepts/skills are presented differently than Saxon Math! I like Saxon Math for the repetition, but after teaching it over 15+ years, supplementing all lessons, skipping lessons, etc- I am ready for a change! 
What Math series do you use?
The Quarterly Assessments look NOTHING like Saxon and they have truly stumped most of my students. I made my own practice pages that look similar to our new Math Quarterly Assessments.  



We all know that it is very important to expose students to a variety of different resources and to use a variety of different materials and supplies. I am constantly searching so send any suggestions my way! This is one of my favorite math resources that I use from August until Thanksgiving.  

What pre-made math resources do you use to practice the Common Core Standards?


  1. We are in our third year of Envision Math and I am not impressed! The material is very easy for students, so I supplement ALL the time. I usually make all of my own assessments, too. I definitely understand what you mean by students getting stumped when the problems look different! I would love to find a more comprehensive series. I have used Drops in a Bucket in the past and thought it was pretty good. Have you seen Second Story Window's Morning Work or Homework Pack? ( I really like those! This year, I have very techy students, so a lot of our math practice comes from sites like ScootPad, XtraMath, and SumDog. Good luck with your search! I hope other people comment with suggestions :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Mindy,
    I teach for a large district north of Seattle. We have been using Investigations for about 11 years (in that time we have upgraded to the "New Investigations"). We constantly have to suppliment. I am on the committee for the new math adoption committee. Next year we will switch to a new curriculum. I am very excited, we are down to looking at 4 choices. I think they are all better than what we currently have and meet CCMS. We are looing at Envisions, Expressions, My Math and Go Math. I have been able to teach some lessons out of My Math and Go Math since I'm on the committee. I really like My Math but it's hard to know until you have the full curriculum and all of the supplies you need. It seems that all of them need some tweaking for individual needs. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you so much for both of your responses! It's nice to know that there is not one series that is the "answer" and that my district just hasn't found it yet. I hasn't heard of a few of them and will investigate myself! Thank you so much! This helps greatly!

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