Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bremen Town Musicians

This week we will be reading The Bremen Town Musicians retold as a play by Carol Pugliano-Martin. (Reading Street Unit 2 Week 4)
Here are the apps that I will be using to integrate technology and to bring the Fairy Tale to life!

There are many more apps to use if you type "Bremen Town Musicians" in the search box in iTunes!
Here are a few activities that I will using this week. I use them on my SMART Board while the students have their own copy.  
10 Important Sentences

Inductive/Deductive Learning.
Can't wait to see what groups my students will create.
I have 2 groups in my head- Singular and Plural

These 2 papers will be used for quick assessments at the end of the week. 

Students will practice Cause and Effect skills. 

Oppsss! I see I forgot to take off the words Effect and Cause off the top of these papers when I made these! I will just cut them off before I make copies- so sorry!

We will compare and contrast two of our DRAMA stories. 
Click HERE to download PDFs Part 1.
Click HERE to download PDFs Part 2.
Click HERE to download SMART Board File 
Part 1. 
Click HERE to download SMART Board File 
Part 2. 

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