Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reading Street Unit 2 Week 1 Tara & Tiree

Professional Development Integration:
I am trying to integrate the tools and teaching practices that I have learned from  The ThoughtFul Classroom while integrating TECHNOLOGY!

1. Inductive Learning
2. Vocabulary
3. Compare & Contrast 
Reading Street Unit 2 Week 1

I did the following activities before I introduced the story of the week:

These words are from the story. We read the words together and discussed the meanings. 
Students worked in partners or alone to sort into different groups. Students had to support why those chose to put the words in a certain group.  
I used this ditto to record on SMART Board. 

While students made groups, I walked around to ask students to support their decisions. 
Wow, I was impressed! Great, interesting groups. Some even thought of ways that I had never thought of myself! What fun! 

This ditto was used to record predictions on SMART Board. 
After students explained their groups, I told the students to group them "MY WAY". I gave them the labels- Person, Place, and Thing. Next time I do this activity, I will tell them where to place the words but will not give them the labels and see if they can provide the correct labels. 

I see I need to make columns bigger!

Prediction - "Why do you think I grouped the words like this?" I explained that we would be learning about NOUNS this week. A Noun is a person, place or thing!

This sorting activity was a great way to introduce nouns, to introduce the story Tara and Tiree Fearless Friends, and to set a purpose for reading the story!

Students will write a sentence with both words in it. This is called: 3 Way Tie

Vocabulary Cinquain
Students will pick 1 vocabulary word for cinquain.

Students compared and contrasted the 2 dogs in the story. 

This type of chart works well for my students. 
It works better than a Venn Diagram! There is more room to write!

Students chose to write a letter to - Jim, Tara, Tiree.

On Friday, I will have the students complete this to see who grasped "NOUNS!"
10 Important Sentences from story. Students found sentences in the story and wrote the page numbers. They put the sentences in order and discussed which sentences were at the beginning, middle and end. 

Students glued the sentences on top of these numbers.

Click HERE for SMART Board Notebook File.
Click HERE for FREE PDF.
Talking Ben can be rude, but it will be a lot of fun  using him to help teach Nouns. We can definitely compare & contrast BEN to the Tara & Tiree- who are brave, awesome DOGS!

This app can be used to discuss dog body language.

This app can be used to discuss dog breeds. 
Dog Breeds

This app can be used while practicing writing expanded sentences. It has great dog pictures! I showed a dog picture on Apple TV and they wrote sentences on dry erase board. 
This app can be used to turn yourself into a DOG for a writing prompt!
Dog Booth

If you could chose Tara or Tiree as your pet, which dog would you pick? Why?
Here is why I love asking this question:


  1. Wow, this unit looks like a ton of fun! I love the 3 Way Tie vocab sheet-- I've never seen it done like that before!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. We read this story every year, and I absolutely love your unit! Thanks for sharing :)
    Totally Terrific in Texas


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