Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Steve Harpster- New App

In a previous post, I was excited to share with you about Steve Harpster, a talented illustrator, who came to our school! 
It was a wonderful assembly! 
He not only inspired my students to draw, but he also inspired me to integrate drawing as a part of my lessons! Click HERE to see how we integrated his Drawing Monsters with Letters book to make Fact Family Monsters!  
Today, I am VERY excited to promote his new iPad/iPhone APP! 


Welcome to the haunted house called Spiderbite. Meet ghouls, ghosts, creeps, and monsters. Simply tap on the Spiderbite house and explore the rooms, swamp and forest. Each scene features a host of characters that will animate and with a tap of a finger. Tap the character twice and learn to draw it with animated step-by-step lessons. Each drawing starts by drawing a letter and then adding lines and shapes to create the final character. A great app for ages 4-14 and perfect for any young artist in the family. Drawing The Haunted Creeps and Ghastly Ghouls of Spiderbite is a spooky good time.


-Universaly works on iPhones and iPads
-Extremely simple interface
-Targets all drawing levels
-Easy to follow animated drawing steps
-Use letter A through Z to draw characters
-Tap each character to see animations and sounds
-Watch the Spiderbite Movie
Ideal for:
-Teachers and educators
-Home schools
-Occupational therapists
-Young budding artists
-Loved by kids ages 4-14
-Motivates kids to learning letters
-Motivates kids to writing letters
-Teaching sequencing and following steps
-Builds confidence in art
-Great for developing visual motor skills

Purchase today and let me know what you think!!
I've been playing and I already like the step-by- step drawing lessons. There are many characters to draw! Students can click the "next" arrow to go at their own pace. 
 If you don't have headphones & your students are working in centers, there is a skull in the upper right hand corner to press that turns the volume off!
I personally think the Spider Bite Movie is scary so make sure you preview it before your students watch it:) Especially for K-2. The imagery and content is not scary. It's the sound! Make sure you watch it and decide for yourself because I am a complete sissy when it comes to scary movies etc. 
Just a year ago, I played a Halloween Sound Effect CD and we made cool monster faces with a photo effect app. The kids had fun and everything seemed to go great. The next morning an unhappy parent emailed me to tell me that her daughter had a nightmare and wanted information about what we were doing at school. She would definitely be afraid of the SpiderBite Movie. 
I am excited to share this app with my students!

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