Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Screen Chomp 9 Trick Saxon Math

Watch my 9s trick Screen Chomp Video!

Watch a student made 9s trick Screen Chomp Video!

I know that I mentioned this before in a post, but it's worth mentioning AGAIN! It's definitely a "MUST HAVE" App! Screen Chomp is a free app for the iPad that allows the user to draw & record. You can upload your video to Screen Chop's Site where you are given a URL to share your movie! The only negative that I have found using this app is that I do not own my own movies, but I can download them!
There are many ways to use Screen Chomp, but I use it mostly for informal assessments! I ask students to "Teach Me" or "Show Me" a skill that we are working on. Great way for students to explain "HOW" or "WHY"! 
Today, I wanted to know what students understood the Saxon Math 9s Trick! I modeled how to use the app. and I modeled the 9s trick for review in a whole group situation using our Apple TV so all students could see. We only had enough time for 2 students to model and to explain the 9s trick using Screen Chomp. I will meet with smaller groups of students during Daily 5 this week to assess the 9s trick with Screen Chomp! Do you know the trick?

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