Saturday, October 27, 2012

Needs and Wants- Scarcity

This week we will be reading Scarcity. I am very excited for this week because my fellow 2nd grade teachers & special education specialist will be trying our Professional Development Inductive Learning & Vocabulary lesson ideas and we will be sharing them at our next inservice.
Reading Street Unit 2 Week 3 

 Shopping Spree and Discussion!

Inductive or Deductive
Great advice from B. Heinzman:
"With inductive learning, you do not want to limit the number of ways kids can group and label their words. Generally, the more groups and labels kids can come up with, the better their predictions are. However, if you have specific labels in mind, then doing it deductively might be what you want to do for this particular lesson. Remember, it goes back to your purpose and objectives.  You make the strategy work for you! 
There is no right or wrong way."
"You set the lesson up so the kids get exactly what you want them to out of the lesson."
I will not be using these Group printables at first. Students sort and make own groups and predictions. After students share and we discuss results, I will have them sort again "my way" deductively into 3 or 4 groups. Going to try it out and see what happens. 

On Friday, students will read a pretend letter from our Superintendent. They will hopefully apply what they have learned all week to base their decision on the 1 item to take with them to the deserted island. 
The letter can also be used to review Cause and Effect and letter writing skills. 

Students will write letter to Superintendent explaining decision.

Deserted Island picture so students know exactly where they will be going!
Students will draw picture of themselves on Deserted Island.

This will be given as a quick assessment tool at the end of the week.

10 Important Sentences

Vocabulary Activities for Week

Weekly Test Question Practice

Come back soon! I hope to share many great samples and ideas from ALL of my AWESOME 2nd grade teammates!
Click HERE for FREE PDF Part 1
Click HERE for Part 2.
Click HERE for FREE SMART Board Notebook File Part 1.
Click HERE for FREE SMART Board Notebook File Part 2. 

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  1. Thank you so much these are great for a difficult lesson.


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