Sunday, October 14, 2012

Inductive Fact Family Learning Lesson & Freebies

Barbara Heinzman, a Professional Development Associate, from The Thoughtful Classroom, trained our K-5 teachers about Inductive Learning. 

According to The Strategic Teacher by Harvey F. Silver, Richard W. Strong, and Matthew J. Perini, Inductive Learning helps students to explore topics and concepts by grouping specific terms, vocabulary words, or visual data and then classifying them according to common attributes. The strategy does not stop at categorization. It asks students to devise clear labels for their categories, and then to make a set of predictions that they can verify or revise with evidence from a reading or other activities as they progress through a unit. The Inductive Learning strategy helps students develop the thinking skills they need to achieve greater independence as thinkers and learners. 

1. Gathering/ Generating Data
2. Examining/ Reviewing Data
3. Organizing/Grouping and Labeling
4. Interpretation
5. Synthesis 

We encountered a hands-on session to experience the steps of Inductive Learning ourselves! Then we were given time to work with our grade levels to prepare an Inductive Learning lesson to use in our classrooms. We will meet again as a district in December to share our lessons! 

Here is my 1st shot at my own Inductive Lesson with a technology spin.

Fact Family Lesson

I used this last as an assessment to see who truly understood Fact Families.

This was fun to compare our family with a fact family. 

Students drew their own families to include in Family Album.

Our Monster Fact Families were inspired by Steve Harpster's Drawing Monster with Letters Book.
 After comparing our families and fact families- I gave each student 4 capital letters & 3 numbers to create a monster family.

Click HERE to download SMART Notebook File.
Click HERE to download Freebie.
Click HERE to download Monster Family Labels.

Fact Family Apps
Know your Fact Family App

Know Your Math Facts Free

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