Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grammar Jammer iPad & iPod Activity Sheets

Students use iPads or iPods in 15 minute sessions during Daily 5. Here are the sheets my students use independently for the Grammar Jammer App.

 The reason I developed the sheets was because I felt students were just "playing" on our iPads or iPods. I want my students to use them wisely and to learn and to apply what they have learned while using them. This way I have proof of what they know and don't know!
This is a screen shot photo that a student sent me. They type their name in the "subject" line of the email so I know who it is from!

This is the front side of activity sheet.

This is the back side of activity sheet.

Here are 
student samples of the back side of iPod/iPad sheet. 

Click HERE for FREE iPad & iPod Activity Sheets for the Grammar Jammer App!


  1. OMG I LOVE this idea!!! I have click sheets for my computers in my class, but I haven't yet started something like this for our iPod. I think it's great, though. AND, I just started using this app in my class a few weeks ago.

    Thanks for this great, free idea. You're awesome! :)

    Just Tinkerin’ Around

  2. Thank for sharing will have to try this out on our ipads this week. I only have them 3 more days and then others will have them the rest of the year. I am thinking of writing a proposal for Donor's Choose for some ipad minis to get a set of 5 for my classroom so I can have some all year.


  3. Oh and love that you had the sheets in drop box so easy to load right to my files!



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