Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Good Fit" Books Real Life Application

My 2nd graders are headed home from the Community Book Sale.
My awesome class went shopping today with
MY $$$$$$$$$$$!
Choices. Choices. Choices.
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
Purpose: PICK "Good Fit" Books for our classroom library.
Procedure: Follow the "Good Fit" Book Steps and spend Mrs. Newell's money!
Each student had to make a decision:
Choice 1- Buy 4 soft back books for $1.00.
Choice 2- Buy 2 hard back books for $1.00.

In August,"Walking Field Trip" permission slip forms are sent home. They are used for school related quick trips in town such as visits to the Post Office, Mayor's Office, Police Station, and Library. We took a quick trip today to the Upper Sandusky Public Library Community Book Sale for a "REAL" life application experience!
If you integrate the Daily 5 into your classroom, you already know how to pick a "Good Fit" Book! If you do not, this is how to pick a "Good Fit" book:
Click HERE to download I PICK Poster.

I love this picture! I am so proud of my students! It was amazing to watch them "apply" the "Good Fit" Book steps to purchase books for our classroom library! This might sound cheesy- but I got a bit teary eyed watching them! 

It was a rewarding experience for me to watch the students interact with each other and overhear their discussions about how they supported their book decisions.  It was also fun to see which students chose 4 books and which students chose 2. I had only a few children who had difficulty applying the "Good Fit" Book steps so I chose for them!

Student "Good Fit" Books Choices!
My "Good Fit" Book Choices
These are all hardback books!
50 cents a piece!

When we got back, students had to prove in writing why the book or books that they chose were "Good Fit" Books. 

Click HERE to download FREE Printable to Prove a "Good Fit" Book.
Click HERE to download SMART Notebook file to use to model.

Headed to school this Saturday to label and to put into classroom library! Check to see if your community will be having a book sale soon! I only spent $32.00 for TONS of books

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