Friday, October 5, 2012


How to Cut an Apple

How to Make Calf Milk
How to Take a Photo
How to Do Make Up
Students gave "How to" Demonstration Speeches. The speeches were used as a culminating activity to assess and to observe skills. It was a great way to observe which students could apply the several skills that they have been learning and which students might still need practice or intervention! Movies were made using FlipCam and iMovie.

Skills that we have been practicing:
1. Time Order Words
2. Using and Writing 4 Types of Sentences
3. Giving Directions
4. Listening to Directions
5. Writing Directions
6. Author's Purpose - Speaker's Purpose
7. Teamwork- Supporting Each Other 
8. Dialogue
9. Performing & Speaking
10. Conversation Rules
11. Sequencing
12. Fluency
13. Comprehension
14. Vocabulary
15.  Expression

Common Core Standards: 
SL.2.6 Speak in complete sentences to provide details or clarification when asked.
SL.2.4 Tell about an experience with appropriate facts and descriptive details, speaking audibly in coherent sentences, speaking clearly with others' being able to understand. 
W.2.2 Write an informative/explanatory text. My Text will introduce topic, use fact and and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section. 
W.2.7 Work with others to gather information to produce a writing project. 
W.2.8 Use information from my experiences or gather information from other sources to answer a question.

My mom taught English, English Literature, Speech and Oral Communications for 25+ years at the Upper Sandusky High School, in Upper Sandusky, Ohio! Now she is retired but teaching the PSEO (College) Speech Class for Marion Tech at the Upper Sandusky High School. I wanted to thank her for helping me with the outline for the demonstration speeches. Spending time with her, hearing her stories and seeing her excitement and enthusiasm towards her content, inspired me to challenge my 2nd graders to be as smart as high school/college students! GUESS WHAT- They did it! I am so proud of my 2nd graders! 
                 1st Sample Speech Outline

Second Sample Speech: 

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  1. The videos were absolutely adorable! I'm sure your class enjoyed making them. I love the outline, too! It is very simple, yet allows for great thinking. Any chance you can share it?

    EduKate and Inspire


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