Tuesday, October 16, 2012

30 Class iPods, Daily 5 & Common Core

Managing 30 ipods is a lot of work but worth every minute! Thank goodness for an iPod cart! We use them during Daily 5 or during whole group activities. 
Here are the Apps that we will use in October, November, and December. I wish I would have saved screen shots from August and September :( 
Page 1 is our reference page.  
Stopwatch- we use to time each other in reading and math.
Notes- we use this to publish work or use to type to respond to questions. Students email me the note and I print them out.
Maps- we use to locate places we are learning about and to practice map skills.
Music- We use the music app to listen to our Reading Street stories to practice fluency. 
Photos- Students take screen shots of a variety of things. We need this app for sending pictures. 
Camera- We use the camera/video camera often for a variety of reasons. For example: We just used the video camera to practice our demonstration speeches- to watch ourselves.
Mail- Students need this app to send photos and screen shots and notes. Each iPod is set up with the same "Google" (Gmail) account. I created one for this purpose only. 
Weather Channel- We use this to check the weather so students don't ask if they can take off their coats! It has to be 60 or higher for NO coats! Love that this APP because it makes the decision for me! Soon we will be checking it for windchill/real feel!
Dictionary and Thesaurus- We use this app to find word definitions or synonyms, antonyms.
Google Earth- We use this app to find & locate places we are studying. Just today in our story- it mentioned Canada. Students can find Canada.
Quick Voice- We use to record retelling, summaries, or for fluency.
Gas Buddy- Students use this to find the cheapest gas in town and to compare prices. We also find the difference between stations. (3 digit subtraction) 

Page 2 is Language Arts. 
Challenge folder is for students who need higher level or enrichment. 
Arthur folder has books to read and to listen to. Students can even record voices as narrator. 
Phonics folder has activities for students who still need practice with phonics and sight words. 
Synonyms Folder has games that practice synonyms.
Read Folder- has stories to read for enjoyment.
Comprehension folder has apps to practice comprehension.
Fluency folder has apps to practice fluency.
Spelling Test- is an app that allows students to record spelling words, spell them and then take a practice spelling test. 
Grammar Jammers is an App that has learning songs to teach GRAMMAR skills and there are quizzes at the end.
I have students take screen shots of results and send the photo to me by email so I know they were actually doing what they are suppose to be doing! Proof. 

Page 3 is Math.
Math Folder has math games to practice several math skills.
Fractions Folder has apps to practice fractions.
Math Facts Folder has several drill practice apps.
Money Folder has several apps to practice counting money.
Time Folder has several apps to practice telling time.
Tangrams Folder has apps to practice using tangrams. 
Challenge Folder has several apps for students who need higher level thinking and enrichment.

Page 3 is REWARD.
Draw Folder has apps to draw for practicing spelling words and illustrating sentences and items for special projects. We recently used  the Easy Draw App to draw pictures like illustrator Steve Harpster. 
Reward Folder is used for our behavior reward at the end of the week. Students earn FREE minutes on the iPods. 
Several games for reward!

Page 4 is for teacher ONLY!
Students know NOT to be on this page- only when  told too!
Angry Birds is for REWARD. Not ready for it to be in REWARD Folder yet. 
Bricasso is a great app for building. We use it to build and then write. Legos at Play program.
Easy Chart will be used to graph results in data folder at the end of 9 weeks. 
Captions Free is great to use for adding items to pictures. Need to purchase the full version!
Kids Keyboard is for typing.
Idea Sketch is for making webs. 

Grocery Folder is for shopping and comparing prices and finding the difference. We are not ready for it yet! I will move this to the math page soon.

As previously mentioned in a post, I model all apps before I expect the students to use them on their own by using my Apple TV & iPad. 

When I add the new apps at first, I give the students at least 1 free day to explore.  I assign the apps students are to be using the rest of the days. I am probably just a control freak, but I like to know what they are doing and if they are using time effectively & appropriately.  

Just this week, I introduced new iPod Sheets. When updating the iPods, I found a few students were sneaking into folders that they were not to be in. I know this because when I pressed the "HOME" button twice- it showed all the apps that were running! I had proof to show the students who were breaking the iPod rules. Now students have to write the number of iPod that they use so I can quickly check at the end of the night when I plug them in to charge. If students continue to break the rules, NO MORE iPods!

Here is the iPod Direction sheet that we used this week to publish our EXPANDED sentences. 
Common Core Standard:
L.2.1f: Produce, expand, and rearrange complete, simple, and compound sentences. 

W.2.6: Through adult support, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including collaboration with peers. 

I use the 1st direction sheet when I want to receive the actual photo. I like seeing the yellow notebook paper. I am able to crop the photo when I download and save in iPhoto. 

I use the 2nd direction sheet when I want to receive the plain text. I can adjust the font and size before I print. It depends what I chose to do with the finished product to which set of directions that give the students.   
Click HERE for FREE Direction Sheets!
I will be adding new directions sheets throughout the year!


  1. This has been a fabulous resource! Thank you! I have one question. How do you organize the apps into folders and get the folders the same on all of your ipods? Is there an easy way to do that? Thanks!

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

  2. Emily- It's hard to explain in writing. I will try to make a "How to" video for u! Come back soon! It might be over the weekend!

  3. Hello! One of my teachers asked me to take a look at what you are accomplishing with the Ipads/Ipods, etc. I am simply excited and overjoyed. Thanks for making this available for teachers to see. Excited in Georgia!

    Simply Stellar work!



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