Sunday, September 23, 2012

Synonyms & Technology
During Daily 5 (Word Work Station), Students use the Same Meaning App to practice SYNONYMS!

Students take a screen shot of results and email me the results.
Students use the Dictionary/Thesaurus App to find synonyms.

We sing a lot in our classroom! My students do not even mind that I am very pitchy!
I love to use GarageBand to record students!Click to listen to our Synonym Song!

I love using online games on the SMART Board to practice Language Art Skills. Here are 2 games that my students enjoy when learning about synonyms.

While my students were in P.E. I baked Cinnamon Bites! YUM!
Thank You The First Grade Parade for your wonderful synonym ideas & free printables! My class had a great time learning about synonyms and eating real cinnamon rolls!
Class Book
Students were given 2 words (Synonyms). They wrote 1 sentence. They used the same sentence with the synonym on the back. They illustrated both sentences.
Very proud of my student for using the word correctly. I see we need to work on spelling baby!

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