Saturday, September 8, 2012

Math Meeting Common Core Daily Practice

Here is my new Smart Board Notebook Math Meeting! It's still is a work in progress while implementing the Common Core this year! I still have to add the Common Core Standard abbreviations on each page etc. I will add throughout the year. 

My new math meeting is not "cutesy" or "visually" exciting! You might even think- "Why in the world would she be proud to share this boring meeting?!"  Well-I chose to make it that way for a reason!

I already present several subject areas, skills and concepts by using awesome Smart Board lessons from Smart Exchange and Teacher Blogs so I thought this would be a perfect time to practice skills using a similar "test" format. I can teach testing taking tips and expose my 2nd graders to test formats without that actually being the main purpose! 
I wanted a simple and plain meeting to quickly review and practice the 2nd Grade Common Core Standards by using a similar format as our state tests! (The Ohio Diagnostic &Achievement Tests)  

My math meeting lasts only about 10-15 minutes so it will be impossible to do all the pages. I will pick and choose each day! I will use this "tool" to model all year so when my students take the Ohio Diagnostics they will feel comfortable answering similar questions.  Visit again soon! I will update throughout the year!

Click HERE to download SMART Notebook File.

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