Thursday, September 13, 2012

HELP! Common Core Resource HELP!

Today, our district had a teacher inservice about the Common Core Standards/ Ohio's New Learning Standards. We were shown a variety of resources to use in our classrooms that are provided by the Ohio Department of Education 
I am very curious how YOU handled the "change" and what resources & assessments that you are using in your STATE! 
This is how I felt after my inservice:

I decided not to go home right away because I might have eaten the entire bag of OREOs so I went to Kohl's instead and bought a new pair of tennis shoes to WALK!
Retail therapy always makes me feel better!
 Now I feel like this:
Please, please leave me a comment! I have found many great activities & printables on TPT, Teacher Notebook, Pinterest, Websites, and Teacher Blogs to integrate the Common Core. I am even working on creating my own! I am very interested in learning how your districts handled the change and what resources you use or have created!

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