Sunday, September 30, 2012

Steve Harpster Visit & Easy Draw Free App

Steve Harpster came to our school! What a great assembly! He inspired Union Elementary students to DRAW and to use their imaginations! 
Steve is a freelance illustrator working in Columbus, Ohio.  He has many children's books and games. I highly recommend his visit! Click his blog to see how you can have him visit your school!
His books are at Barnes & Noble Booksellers:
He has a great website with videos that I used on my SMART Board to show my students the step by step directions how to draw Jasper! I loved learning how to shade and to add color. It was very fascinating!
                        My 2nd grade artists!

I made the "j" with the crayon tool using my SMART Board Notebook Software. Can you see the "j" in the middle? 

This week, we will use the Easy Draw Free App on our class iPods & iPads during Daily 5 to design our own animals using our 1st letter of our names. What fun! Can't wait to post pictures of our creations! Come back soon!!-free/id427432592?mt=8

Thank you Steve Harpster! I will start collecting your books and soon you will have your own book bin in our classroom library!

Great Assembly!

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