Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to Team Newell Stadium

Here is a QUICK Tour of Our Room!
Once on TEAM NEWELL- Always on TEAM NEWELL!These are the pictures that I collected over 16 years of teaching! I wish I would have saved more :( The blank basketball scrapbook page is for this year- YEAR 17!
Open House Ready
All important papers are in the Upper Sandusky Schools folder to take home the night before school starts.
Our classroom theme is "Team Newell". Teamwork is a very important part of our classroom. I love Babe Ruth's TEAMWORK quote!
Bath Ruth candy bars - OH BABY, Let's go NUTS for TEAM NEWELL!
My favorite teacher resource is Kagan Cooperative Learning! Great TEAMWORK activities!
Students will put away supplies at Open House.

This is our Guided Reading Area! Tons of books! Science Supplies are also in this area because I received $3,000 of materials (books) and supplies (hands on experiments) from a Martha Holden Jennings Grant. Students love learning science concepts using children's literature. I will post the "I Can" posters that I made over the summer as we complete Common Core Standards with student signatures on our I CAN Bulletin Board.

iPod Cart on the Left & Smart Board
Mission Statement: I am here to learn and always do my best!
Turn in boxes. I DO NOT use these as mailboxes. Students turn in work in their cubbies. I absolutely love this because it's an easy way for me to see who has turned in their papers & who hasn't! It's also great because when I take out papers- they are in order by #. I record grades in PowerTeacher right away as I grade papers each night. I do not have a paper version grade book. Papers are already in order & I zip through entering them!!

Reading Dugout with TONS of Books! I have been collecting books at garage sales and book fairs! Students will take turns on the sport bean bags. I have 37 baskets of trade books and 16 baskets of chapter books. I can never have enough books! Love donations!

Black and white duct tape to make referee stripes :) Bought sports easter baskets at Hobby Lobby!

My area for materials and supplies. Starting Line Up bulletin board will have student baseball cards. We will be using an app to make baseball cards on our iPod Touches. 

I love these drawers. I found these at Lowe's years ago.

I have 3 important binders.
Lesson Plan Binder, Technology Binder, Guest Teacher Binder

These are 2 of my biggest Pet Peeves as a teacher! Will address these on day 1! So happy to find these posters at the Dollar Tree!

 I used Green and White Duct Tape to cover a yucky heater! The heater is magnetic so I will use the area for Daily 5 rotation. I have magnets with each student's number and will manage groups by placing them under posters.

Phonic Phones and Reading Buddies in tubs- stuffed animals.
There is a rotation who sits in stadium chairs. Just like bean bags!

Golf Discipline

Bucket Fillers
Work to Cheer About!
Each student has a scrapbook page. I will display work on the pages. It saves me from using tape each time I want to display work. It also helps me to see who if someone is missing work.

Turn in Homework Folder Area. P.E. Shoes.

New TV. I wrote a grant for a Wii and TV.
Team Promise bulletin board will soon have our Team Promises.

Word Wall. Found these great labels on Pinterest. I am very sorry that I forget which teacher blog was pinned! I search for ideas hours and hours and hours! I laminated words and will be putting them on with magnets. Students will be able to remove words and reattach if needed. 

Soon to come!


  1. Your room looks fantastic!! So so nice, you are a great organizer, I love everything you did:)

  2. Your classroom is phenomenal! Care to share grant sites/info? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Katie. I highly recommend the Martha Holden Jennings Grant! If you ever have the chance to attend one of their workshops- do it! Amazing!


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