Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Common Core Back to School Lunch Count- Smart Board

I use lunch count time to do QUICK assessments! It's an easy way to assess which students understand concepts that we are learning about and which students need intervention. I use several different formats each month and I change the questions daily so students have to "THINK" while checking in each morning! Download the Back to School Lunch Count. Change the questions to meet the needs of your students and your grade level Common Core Standards! I will be changing these questions from last year!

After all students have completed the lunch count, I print off the page and send it down to the cafeteria for our lunch count! We not only discuss as a class how many more students are buying than packing (vice versa), but we also discuss the question and make sure they understand the correct answer.  

"Ungroup" and change the names under the Miis for your students! 

I usually add student pictures as icons. You can have students write their names or #s with the pens!

Click HERE to Download Smart Board Lunch Count

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