Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two Great Days-Master Teacher & Butterfly Release

Two Days of Smiles:
Day One:
I am very excited to share that I have received Ohio Master Teacher Designation! Yeah- the hard work paid off even if I got MONO doing it :) I received this message TODAY:
What is a Master Teacher?
The current Master Teacher (MT) program aligns with the new licensure structure effective January 2011. Successful completion of the MT program will satisfy one of the requirements for an advanced license (available in 2011).  
The Master Teacher program allows teachers to demonstrate their practice based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. Now that it is a recognized path for an advanced-level educator license in Ohio, it provides even stronger motivation for teachers to complete the program.
For more information on the Master Teacher Program visit the Ohio Department of Education- ODE

Day Two:
My Mom and I released butterflies yesterday along with many other community members to honor loved ones! Our butterflies were to honor my Alpha Phi Big Sis who passed away from cancer of the placenta and my Grandma Warning who also passed away from cancer. My Grandma loved Monarch Butterflies! My Mom and I have carried on the tradition!  
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