Monday, July 2, 2012

Note Record App- Book Study & Many More Uses

This app let's you combine text, pictures, video, and voice. It's super easy, but a bit expensive for school use. $4.99 Due to the price, I am unable to purchase it for my class set of iPod touches, but my students will be able to use it on one of our iPads this fall.


This is the email that I received from the
 Note Record App.

Personal Use:
I used it while watching tv! I took a picture of the advertisement 4 the Housewives of Orange County  promo and attached it to a note so I wouldn't forget to watch it. 
Can't believe the season is already over!
I used it in the grocery store! I took a picture of a product, attached it to the note, 
 recorded a voice memo and sent it to a friend! 
Do you use the Note Record App? 
If so, please leave me a comment!
If you choose to use this in your classroom, please share your great idea!

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